My New Legacy Shoulder Bag!

  1. I used my PCE card at the new Coach store at the Palazzo hotel in Vegas today. The store is pretty big, and the SAs were really helpful and nice (unlike the Wynn Las Vegas Louis Vuitton staff--they were awful :tdown:).

    So, here is a pic of my new Legacy Spectator Shoulder Bag. It will be a perfect bag for Spring... Hopefully I'll be able to keep it from getting too dirty. Oh, and I got the tattersall scarf too! I took a picture of it together with my raisin Leigh. My friend got a Bridget clutch in camel. I must say, that bag is cuter in person than on the website! A surprisingly large amount of stuff fits in that little bag!

    This is my first time posting pictures, so please bear with me if I don't do it correctly right away! :smile:


  2. I love it! It looks very nice with the Tattersall scarf. Also, I must mention that your raisin leigh is Gorgeous!!
  3. Congrats on the bag! I've been eyeing that bag myself--I think maybe DH will get it for me for my bday.
  4. Nice. It looks good with that scarf. :biggrin:
  5. That looks really, really nice!! The '07 Legacy shoulder bag is one of my faaaaaaaavorite styles!! The tattersall is the perfect finishing touch, too!! :tup:
  6. Beautiful bag! Could you post a modeling pic so I can see the size, I am thinking about getting this type of bag. TIA!!
  7. Great bag! Love that tattersall scarf on it!! :tup:
  8. Thats gorgeous! I like the effect with the bow using the scarf. It makes it more unique.
  9. lovely bag.congrats!
  10. Lovely...
  11. Congrats, beautiful bag!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm a sucker for the Legacy shoulder bags!!!! :smile:
  13. So cute! The scarf is also a great touch and I just LOVE that raisin color!
  14. Thanks guys! I'm trying to decide when to start using it. The weather has been really nice in Las Vegas, but it seems like it is too early to break out the white... :confused1:

    Maybe I'll post a modeling pic later today. The bag is pretty good size... Lots of stuff fits in there. But it doesn't have a whole lot of drop-- at least not as much as the Leigh.
  15. congrats! :tup: