My new Legacy ocelot print Rory!

  1. I just saw this at the boutique today....she is gorgeous! Congratulations! You have quite a head turner!
  2. I just saw this the other day online. Could you post a mod pic? I'm thinking about adding her to my collection!
  3. Thanks everyone! I just got out of the pool so o modeling. Lol.

  4. It's beautiful please a modeling shot...I only ask because I just picked up the Candace in this print and although I tend to like the more structured I'm thinking of exchanging for the Rory so I'd like to see how it fits/hangs before I make the trip :biggrin:. BIG THANKS:smile:
  5. This bag is so cool!! I just love it!! :biggrin:
  6. I saw this yesterday at the FP store. Congratulations. :smile:
  7. Fabulous bag!