My new Legacy Leather Slim Tote (and updated collection pic)

  1. I got my new Legacy Leather Slim Tote Wednesday and OH MY GOODNESS it's GORGEOUS! I'm still worried about keeping her sparkling clean - can I use conditioner on it even though the care card says not to? I had a full blown photo shoot tonight with my entire collection in addition to the pics of my new tote (my 3YO even modeled it for me!). Enjoy!!
    10650 Legacy Leather Slim Tote (1).JPG 10650 Legacy Leather Slim Tote (3).JPG 10650 Legacy Leather Slim Tote (2).JPG 10650 Legacy Leather Slim Tote (5).JPG Coach Collection 10.19.07 (2).JPG
  2. It's just beautiful! I love white legacy leather! And the lining is gorgeous!

    Forgot to add that your model is adorable!
  3. Your model is TOOOO cute! I really think that the slim tote is one of the most gorgeous bags Coach has ever's really fantastic. Enjoy it!
  4. very nice - i havent see it before - can i ask how much? i love the legacy line -
  5. Your new bag looks like a million bucks! And your model is too cute!
  6. ooo i love how great the legacy lining looks with the white leather!
  7. ooo i love the combination of the white leather with the legacy lining!
  8. I love the bag and think your model is wonderfully handsome. Do not use any cleaner or conditioner on the Legacy leather. Just let it go natural
  9. Love that slim legacy. How cute is your model! I tend to follow the coach instructions and don't use moisturizer if it says not to.
  10. i would spray it with scotchguard or apple gard cuz i had white legacy leather and after a while other colors started seeping in... if it s protected, u can just wipe off the dirt and stuff
  11. Thanks everyone! Pursegal, it retailed for $478 and I paid $272 on eBay (BNWT).
  12. WOW. What a beautiful bag. And that lining is TDF! And your model is soo cute too!! Congratulations!! What a good deal too!
  13. oh, so is this from a previou year? damn, i missed out on it -
  14. I don't know when it was released (I just started collecting in May this year) but it was still available through the spring. They replaced it with the Gigi which is MUCH bigger and heavier (and more expensive)!
  15. Congrats on a beautiful new bag and you have the best modeling pic! BTW you have some NICE bags there!