My new Legacy Bag

  1. Went to the Coach store today looking for a dark brown leather satchel, but found the new limited edition vintage leather one. It also came in black - I had a tough time deciding but finally purchased this one.....
    What do you all think of it?

    Apparently these are available in limited quantities to the various Coach stores. It also came in khaki sig with black leather trim.
  2. it looks hot! may I ask how much ? I love it!
  3. It was $398. It's in the vintage leather and has a very pretty striped lining inside and the brass hangtags. I really liked the sig. one too with the black trim!
  4. Congratulations! It's gorgeous! I would have picked the brown, too.:yes:
  5. I like it a lot! It doesn't scream Coach, and looks very different from any of their current lines! Great choice in color too
  6. BEAUTIFUL! I love it. :yes:
  7. That bag is gorgeous..I'd de a sucker for the signature one. But, I have to restrain myself!! LOL Trying to save for once for a bag I can't really afford unless I save (Man that sucks).:crybaby:
  8. Thats a nice bag I love the brown! Wish every store would have the option to sell bags not in their stores!
  9. That's a beautiful bag!! Would you mind giving me the measurements? Also, would you please post the style number? Thank so much.
  10. Congrats, that's such a nice bag
  11. I would love to know too!!!!!! Thanks. :idea: :flowers: :yes:
  12. Beautiful bag the color is great!!
  13. Love the colour, great bag !
  14. Thanks, I'm so glad you all like the color. It took me forever to decide. I just measured it and it's about 12"x7"x4". The style# is 10328P. It's funny, it reminds me of one of my bags from over 10 years ago - it's that same old Coach classic leather. Thanks for all the compliments.
  15. I love this bag. I looked at the new vintage line online and I think there were only three bags. I don't remember this one. Is this one online? Which Coach did you get it from? I think you picked a good one. Enjoy it!