My New Legacy Bag (and others)! Pics!

  1. I bit the bullet and went to Coach last night just to *look* at the new bags. Not surprisingly, I bought one and I also really wanted one of the new Signature Gallery Totes to go with it, too! I love this bag sooo much.

    Here's my new Legacy Shoulder Zip:


    While I am at it, here's the rest of my collection. Notice any trends here?



    I need another black bag like I need another hole in my head and I debated on the khaki signature/black leather legacy combo but I couldn't do it!!
  2. congrats on your new bag!

    lol. black is always safe ;)
  3. It is gorgeous! :biggrin: Congrats!
  4. Love the new it the size of a demi/flap or bigger? Congrats & thanks for sharing.
  5. congrats!! All the bags are gorgeous.
  6. You can never go wrong with black. Love your new bag, I was eyeing that one myself (or the next size up) but I got a new LV pochette instead.
  7. I think it's slightly larger than a demi flap. My mesurements for the legacy bag are 11"l x 6"h x 3"w which is perfect for me. I can fit my accordion wallet, palm, cell phone, keys, and cosmetic case in with a little room to spare.

    Thanks, everyone. It's a great bag. One of the things I love is the HUGE hardware. It's hard to capture it in a photo but all the hardware is oversized.
  8. Can you photography yourself with the bag and the items you put into it? I want one in whiskey but afraid it might be too small
  9. ^Absolutely! I will take photos and post them when I get home from work.
  10. I love that new bag!I hate to sound like a copycat but i also was thinking of getting that myself,definately post more pics!:yes:
  11. As promised, here are the pics. I am quite short - 5'1" - so it's going to look a little bigger on me than most people. I included the Diet Coke can as a reference point to show the oversized hardware and I also included a photo of my purse contents so you know what's in there. I love the size of this purse -- not to big and not too small! I have a lot in there and there's room to spare.
    legacy1.jpg legacy2.jpg legacy5.jpg legacy6.jpg legacy4.jpg
  12. Thanks for the pics,for some reason I thought the bag was smaller,it looks like a good size. thanks:yes:
  13. That's a gorgeous bag!!! I want it!! I thought it would be smaller, too, but that's a perfect size for me!! Congrats!!
  14. thanks for the pix!! it's very helpful!!

    and congrats on the new bag!!
  15. It's gorgeous and it looks great on you! Congrats!
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