My NEW LEGACY!!! And Legacy collection PICS!!!

  1. OH my gosh! I am TIRED! I got back and I must say they had some AMAZING things at the outlet today!!!

    I got there at 10 am before they even unlocked the doors, LOL!

    LEGACY everywhere!! Everywhere I turned there was legacy calling out at me.. satchels in every color leather and signature!, mandys white, black and white leather!, Alis in Black sig, khaki sig, natural, white and Whiskey leather!!

    Slim Flaps, little flaps in every color.. JUST TONS of it!!! There was also BLEECKER holiday patchwork duffles and gallery totes!!!! The same as the boutique.. a whole table of them!! The duffles were $150!!!!

    ok.. I got.....

    A POND satchel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a Khaki/Black Sig ALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3rd thing was a wallet for my BIL, so that's not exciting.. LOL)

    I am sooo freaking excited over my Pond Satchel!!! I was not expecting them to have one of these! I grabbed this first and didn't let go!

    They DID NOT hold my stuff until today like they said they would so they didn't have a Black leather Ali for me, but I like the khaki/black too, and I can wear it with anything!!! I will still get my black leather Ali though.. expect me to be scouring eBay;)

    I wish I had more money, I could have bought just about every one of the legacy items:lol:

    I added pics of my new bags and my legacy family pic!

    I forgot to say that they had the ruby patent wristlets too! I was so tempted to get one!!
  2. Great buys.. Congrat's.
    I love the blue one :biggrin:
  3. Glad to hear your back from your mission. I just got back from the outlet too and like you said Legacy everywhere though no Bleeckers. Great purchases!!!
  4. I am just loving everything that you got! Especially the Ali. Sigh....I still have not made it out to the outlet yet. So jealous of you. But CONGRATS on your beautiful loot!
  5. Great purchases, all these legacy buys is giving me a case of purse envy!
  6. That pond satchel is beautiful!
  7. That pond satchel is gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job. Im sorry your black Ali wasnt on hold but you still got some great deals.
  8. There was a whiskey satchel. I thought it was nice but seemed too heavy! I have the legacy shoulder bag and it is pretty heavy as it is so I thought there would be no way I could carry an even heavier bag.
  9. Everything looks beautiful!!!!!!!!! :drool: :love:
  10. i'm so happy for you! i love that pond color it's tdf!
  11. So glad you found some great legacy items!!
    Love the pond satchel!!
  12. So pretty...congrats
  13. Wow that pond is gorgeous. I really wanted to get a legacy bag and I had 2 held at my outlet. But we had a snow storm out west and it was just too for a couple days that I didn't get a chance to drive out. So some other lucky person got them. :sad:

    How much did they have the satchel and the ali discounted at the outlets?

    Which bleekers did they have at the outlets? Can you post pics? I called my outlet and they said they didn't have any. So maybe I can describe it to them better if I could figure out which ones they were?

  14. Whoa girly! That pond satchel is TDF! You had one heck of an awsome day!! Merry Christmas!!!:nuts:
  15. Wow! Worth missing the black ali for the pond satchel! That's awesome!