My new large Sukey in guccissima leather!


bags are my weakness
Jan 17, 2007
Ok so I had gotton this bag maybe like 3 weeks ago when my mom and I went to SCP. I just haven't had the time to post it and now I am. lol. Anyways, our main reason that we went to SCP anyways was just to pre-sale some things at Nordie's for their Anniversary sale. But we than of course had to check out the Gucci store. My mom had promised me awhile ago that she'd buy me the Sukey in the guccissima leather. Problem with that bag is that it's so damn popular that sometimes it's hard to find in the stores. So yeah we checked the gucci store to see if they had it and holy crap they did! Course I was all giddy but I tried hard not to show it. lol. So yeah my mom ended up buying it for me. And so yeah here's a pic of my large sukey in light brown guccissima leather:

^ Sorry for the color not really showing in the pic. Been wanting this bag forever. I love it to pieces! It's so pretty and soo smushy soft. lol. Definitely one of my fave bags too.