My NEW Large GG Horsebit Hobo!

  1. I know the style is a couple years old, but I love how the bag is HUGE!!! Thanks for letting me share :smile:
    horsebit.3 (3).jpg horsebit.3 (4).jpg
  2. Pelinaka, i totally love it! Congrats!
  3. Thank you BooYah! I looove it
  4. OOOOO that bag is yummy! congrats!:P
  5. oh Pelinaka, it's GORGEOUS!!

    Would you mind sharing a picture of it being worn? TIA
  6. I love it!
  7. No, thank YOU for sharing. ^___^
  8. Congratulations!!! It's a fantastic classic, good choice!
  9. Thank you all!

    Mello, I will take a pic of me holding the bag tonite
  10. It's beautiful! I have always loved that bag! Congrats!!
  11. Congratulations on your new bag! I really like that one, and so does my sis!
  12. Oh I love it!!! I have the leather in the horsebit hobo and LOVE THEM!!!! I really am thinking about getting this exact one though, I love the brown combo with the fabric! Congrats!!!
  13. Pelinaka I have the same bag. Watch out for your jeans rubbing against the bag. I have blue dye stains.:sad: So I have to be careful with it.

    But this bag is a an attention getter.:shocked: I love it! Congrats.
  14. Yay, thanks so much!!
  15. aprild, thanks for the tip! I will be sure to be careful when wearing jeans.

    here's a couple pics of me holding the bag, as mello requested. :smile: It is a big bag for a big 'ol me!!! :biggrin: :shame:
    Bags 003.jpg Bags 001.jpg