My New Large Front Pocket Paddy in BRUN

  1. Hi everyone! I am relatively new here and wanted to say HI and also show off my new Large Front Pocket Paddington in Brun. :yes: I've had her for 2 weeks and was worried she was a little too big for me since I have a 4 month old. But whenever I pull her out of her dustbag to admire her, I fall in love with her richness and fabulous buckles! The medium front pocket was maybe a better size for my small frame, but I know I'd miss the 2 front buckles that adds a little something in my opinion. I got her at the SCP Chloe boutique. The Brun is similar with the chocolate, but chocolate has brighter red undertones than the Brun. I thought about selling for a smaller bag, but I decided she is staying and I'll just have to get another paddy! :graucho: tPF is awesome and I :heart: that I'm not the only one with a purse obsession! Thanks Lordguinny for posting how to minimize padlock/brass plate wear! (notice in the pics?) :lol:
    p.s. I'd like to give her a name... any suggestions?
    Camera 002.jpg Camera 003.jpg Camera 004.jpg
  2. Welcome to tPF AabbYY, You have a gorgeous bag there and the color is quite rich.
  3. Lovely bag!! Thanks for sharing! If you can, post a pic of you with
    the bag so we can see the size.
  4. OOH! SO pretty!!!
    Post a pic wearing it and we can help name her!!LOL!
  5. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!!! That chocolate is just so rich and divine! I love it! Welcome and congrats! She is just beautiful!
  6. I love the color! So rich and beautiful!! Congratulations abbYY; she is lovely!
  7. pretty color abbYY!!! congratulations!!!

    Welcome to the'll like it here!!
  8. I would go CRAZY for that color too!:love: It's really lovely!
  9. Wow! That brun color is very very yummy! It's like a Godiva bar. :nuts: The leather looks very supple as well. I don't believe I have ever seen a large front pocket paddy in that color before (I only see it in ivory, mousse or tan). It is quite decadent looking!

    I am glad you were able to protect your lock! Congrats on your new bag. It will only get softer and more vintage looking with wear. You'll absolutely fall deeper in love. :love:
  10. Lovely color for the fall!!
  11. Thank you everyone for the wonderful compliments! :lol: Here I am wearing it. I'm 5'4 and not wearing any shoes here. I think the size because it's so smooshy, doesn't bother me that it's large. Please excuse my plants, lol :yes:
    Camera 001.jpg Camera 002.jpg Camera 003.jpg
  12. Oh my, one of the prettiest Chloe bags I have ever seen. Love the rich chocolate color!!
  13. I love that it is large. It looks so good on you. You probably have alot of stuff too if you have a four month old, so you potentially have the nicest baby bag ever in the history of babydom :biggrin:
  14. Wow! What a beautiful and rich color. You picked a good one. That will take you through fall and winter. Enjoy and Congrats!
  15. Your bag is really awesome! I love the color and the size seems fine - especially in this color. Congratulations! :yahoo:
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