My new LARGE chocolate leather AVIATRIX - *pic overload*!

  1. So after seeing Lucy Liu's gorgeous bordeaux suede aviatrix on Cashmere Mafia, I did a search online and found a STUNNING chocolate pebbled leather large aviatrix on Bluefly at 35% off after a few coupons. I was excited...what a great deal!!!

    ......I just got it today, and is HEAVY! :sweatdrop: It feels and looks like luggage, I'm sorry to say. It actually looks ridiculously big, and feels about 6 lbs. Even heavier than my Balenciaga PT w/all that gold hardware! In comparison, the LV speedy feels like a feather. I don't know how Lucy Liu does it but i wouldn't be able to carry this bag on a daily basis. I'm still on the fence about it, but I'm leaning towards returning it......

    Meanwhile, here are some pics for you ladies to enjoy :girlsigh:regardless of size/weight, it is a STUNNING, gorgeous bag. Truly.



    ..and side by side pics with LV speedy 30 for size's so huge!
  2. Its a cute bag!!!

    but if its too heavy for u.Id return it
  3. WOW :nuts:, that bag is gorgeous. I agree.... that bag just looks HUGE && HEAVY!!! :biguns: Did they have the smaller one on BF? The detail work on the bag is beautiful :love: the bottom is lovely.
  4. Your bag is beautiful - be sure your really happy with it though!
  5. gorgeous bag !
  6. Absolutely gorgeous bag at a great price, the detail is amazing, I love the guccissima at the bottom. It does look really large and heavy though, if you still have second thoughts after a few days, it's probably best to return it.
  7. Wow - she is beautiful!!!
  8. Be still my heart.....absolutely TDF!
  9. isn't the detailing amazing! the bag feels really luxe. im going to try to call gucci's 1800 # and see if they can hunt me down one of these in the medium....

    update: called one of the stores and the super nice SA said yes they made this bag in the medium, he knows exactly what im talking about, and he will try to locate one for me. yipee!
  10. It's sooo cute !

    Any luck on finding a medium ?
  11. Beautiful! :heart:

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  12. That bag is totally beautiful. Please keep it
  13. Wow! That bag is goregous! Hope you find a medium.
  14. OMG I want that bag !! its TDF... it does look a bit big though, but it depends on your body frame also. it would be perfect in the medium and lucy lui looks amazing carrying the bordeaux suede one.. I freaked out when I saw that episode of cashmere mafia !
  15. went to NM today and saw the bordeaux suede aviatrix, in medium, with patent trim. apparently the patent trim is exclusive to neiman's. the SO fell in love w/it and of course i was already enamoured with it! i wanted the SA to do a search for the large, which is the size lucy liu had and the version i think look aesthetically better for the suede version....but realistically still too large for every day use. i'm having them charge-send me a bordeaux medium. will post pics when it comes!