My new large camel Carly! *PICS*

  1. I posted a week or so ago about the large Ergo tote that I got myself for my birthday. Well, I decided that it just didn't work for me. It was too big and bulky looking. So I exchanged it for a large camel leather Carly and I'm so happy. The Carly just feels so much more me. Plus, it holds as much as the Ergo but because it's slouchy, it doesn't feel anywhere near as big. I can't believe how much it holds - it's like a bottomless pit. Or like Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag. I feel like I could carry all my son's stuff, plus him along with it!

    I also like that it's slouchy enough that I can keep the zipper open without worrying about people being able to reach in and steal anything easily. The zipper is set down a bit so that it's not scratchy or in the way if I keep the top open. It's a lot like the shoulder totes but with a zipper.

    Here are the pictures:
    Carly on from front.jpg Carly on from side 1.jpg Carly.jpg Carly with stuff inside.jpg Carly with stuff outside.jpg
  2. Isn't the Carly great? *sigggghhh* What a great bag! I'm tickled pink at these pictures!
  3. Wow that looks so pretty and it holds a lot! Looks great on you.
  4. Wow!! That looks fantastic on you! You have some great goodies inside too. The large Carly is AWSOME. Congrats and enjoy!
  5. That is such as stunning bag! Glad you found the one that works for you.
  6. Wow. It holds a ton! I'm convinced. :biggrin:
  7. that looks so good on you! great bag!
  8. I love the color! I am liking the Carly's more and more.:graucho:
    It looks like it holds quite a bit! Love all of your acessories too, you wear it well :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. Congrats, I am glad you got something you like. It really looks great on you, thanks for the pics.
  10. Thank you for posting pics! It looks gorgeous on you. My medium camel is supposed to be here Thursday. Can't wait!
  11. So the owl on it!!
  12. Oh, that is yummy. I LOVE the interior coloring... Looks great on you and it realyy holds a ton! Wow!! Enjoy it in good health.
  13. Congrats on your Carly!!! It is gorgeous and oh so roomy. I think I am putting the Carly on my wishlist for the next PCE in the camel. :smile:
  14. Beautiful bag!!! Great choice and it holds soo much!!!
  15. Ooh, you are inspiring me to buy a leather Carly. Evil...evil I tell you! :devil: