My new Lanvin Mary Jane heels!!!

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  1. I've long been a handbag fanatic, but just recently I have entered the world of designer shoes. This was my first ever purchase. I got them at Jeremy's in Berkeley for $50 b/c the strap on one shoe is broken. Probably the best deal I have ever found! I couldn't believe they were my size! Does anyone have someone they could recommend in the Oakland/Berkeley, CA area that I can trust to fix my shoes (should be a fairly simple fix). I'm dying to wear them!!!


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  2. OMG $50!!!!

    What a steal!

    Sorry I don't know anything about fixing shoes around your area but.... I Hope you enjoy them!!
  3. Thank you! If anyone knows whether a tailor would suffice (something just needs to be sewn into thin upper layer of leather), or if I should go to a cobbler, or maybe someone who works specifically w/leather? Ha, I never even go to the dry cleaner or get my pants hemmed, I'm completely clueless (and lazy, hee) about this sort of stuff generally. TIA!
  4. WOW!! What a deal! I have the black patent version of these are certainly didn't pay $50!!

    So is the elastic broken too? That could be a little tricky to fix. Have a look on the CL thread for cobbler recommendations
  5. $50?!?! WOW! That's incredible! Congratulations! They look absolutely gorgeous...
  6. they look like fun shoes.
  7. Wow, what a deal! I live an hour away from you so I don't have a recommendation. How about going to Nordstrom or your nearest high end dept. store to see who they would recommend? I hope you find someone!
  8. Love these shoes. I just got the patent ones this weekend.
  9. I know, I couldn't believe my eyes! It is the elastic, but the shop guy said they should be fairly easy repaired. I highly recommend Jeremy's, they have tons of j.crew discount shoes (and clothes) in perfect condition. And high end designer stuff that has something wrong w/the item (missing zippers, holes, broken shoes, etc.). They also have a smaller collection of handbags. Once I found a v.badly in need of repair navy corduroy Lanvin hero bag for $10! I still need to get that fixed up as well. Also they have massive sales every weekend this time of year, I got 2 j.crew blazers for $15 each!!!

    Thank you everyone for all of your comments and help, I hope to get them fixed very soon!
  10. They're gorgeous, I have been looking for the exact same pair, do you know if they have any others? PM if so and I'll give Jeremy's a call!
  11. Hey Nicole, not sure if this place does the kind of work you're looking for, but check out the shop in The San Francisco Shopping center in downtown. I know they fix heels though. I don't know what's it's called but it's on the bottom floor where the food court is next to the bart station. Hope this makes sense. Congrats btw, I might have to go check out that place.