My New Lady Web in Brown Suede

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  1. The UPS Man just made my day! My heart is all a flutter with my new Gucci Lady Web. It's only my second Gucci (began my obsession with a Disco) and I'm in love! I didn't even realize that it comes with two straps, the iconic green/red strap and also a brown suede strap. I'm excited about how versatile this will be.

    Here she is, the Lady Web in suede:

    Thank you for letting me share. Also, if anyone has any advice on protecting the suede, please let me know. TIA.
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  2. very cute.

  3. Love it! Congratulations!

    I really like the pink leather too, but would rather have the green/red web strap like yours instead of the navy/red. Such problems! [emoji12]
  4. I agree with you. I adore the red/green strap. So classic. :heart:
  5. I have this bag in dark red so we're suede Lady Web sisters :ghi5:

    Obviously I love it

    Gucci say don't spay (I never treat my normal leather and exotics) but I sprayed suede with standard Kiwi suede protector

    Gucci will clean suede (at least they did under Frida)
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  6. Looks great!!! 😍 Congratulation!
  7. Congrats! The lady web looks like an awesome everyday bag - it's really great that it comes with interchangeable straps!
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  8. Thank you :love:
  9. Wow it's awesome! Congrats!
  10. Gosh I love this bag...enjoy.
  11. I love this bag! I also did not know that it comes with a 2nd strap! Congrats!
  12. Hello my Lady Web Sister! :tup: LOVE the Lady Web in red! And, thank you for the advise on the suede.
  13. Gorgeous bag! Would you mind posting some mod shots? [emoji4]
  14. So pretty! I don't have any Gucci bags yet but saw this on their website recently and it will probably be the first one I get! Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Gorgeous, how much can this hold? Congrats on this lovely bag !
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