my new Lady Dior wallet

  1. After considering for a few days, I decided to get myself a Dior wallet. Popped by the boutique at Takashimaya earlier. The SA was very helpful, he showed me the colours they have in store for the Lady Dior wallet. I am so amazed! Lots of colours... black, red, dark red (wine), dark purple, lighter purple and dark blue. I also saw the New Lock wallets - in pretty black and red.

    I chose the dark purple Lady Dior. Photos here! :smile: Thanks for dropping by and share my joy!:heart:

  2. Congratulations :smile:
  3. Wow! so pretty.
  4. Wow the patent purple looks beautiful! Congratulations!
  5. It's gorgeous!!!
  6. Hi does anyone know if this color is available in Australia???
  7. Yes. Call your closest Dior boutique to enquire on stock availability.
  8. nice wallet!
  9. Thanks, I am getting mine tomorrow:smile:
  10. The color is so divine, thanks for sharing:smile:
  11. Beauty! Congrats
  12. Gorgeous! Love it
  13. Pls do share with us after you buy it! :smile:
  14. thanks alot, everyone! This is a very functional and classic wallet. :smile:
  15. Gorgeous color!:biggrin: