My New Lady Britt Is Here!!

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  1. Hey everyone !!
    I would have posted this earlier but had a bout with a 24 hour virus early this week (YUK!) and am just recovering. My New Britt Cruise beige/ebony collection tote arrived Tuesday (after ordering from late Sunday night!!) and it is all that I hoped for, love the striped interior lining, it's just perfect for a summer vacation in warm climes.

    Jill, you are right, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
    the price was right too.

    From my experience with i would say that they are great, quick, efficient, and courteous. Plus the packing was gorgeous. even the glossy Gucci box was lined with monogram textile!
    I was supposed to wait for Christmas to open it (YEAH, RIGHT!!) but since I was feeling so sick, my DH opened it up for me, to "cheer me up") He said, "if a new Gucci bag won't make you feel better, then nothing will" :roflmfao:
  2. CONGRATS - so exciting!!!

    Are you going to post pics for us?????
  3. I am trying- I took pix but tPF is saying that the photos are too big for file format
    anyone know how to make them smaller?
  4. i think you can upload them here: - Image Hosting. if it doesn't work, you can send them to me via email...

    congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. Very nice!!! Makes me think of warmer weather...while I'm stuck in Chicago w/ the snow and cold!


  6. The bag is gorgeous! This is my favorite color combo!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous.. Makes me feel like i wanna rush out and grab one from Gucci now!! :love:
  8. Thats gorgeous. Love it
  9. It's just perfect, congrats!!!
  10. LOVES IT! I have it in Brown trim..and totally adore it!
  11. Great tote! Congrats!
  12. pretty tote .. classy:heart:

  13. congrats again .. ur avatar is sooooooooooo cute :heart: