My New Kooba Paige is Here!

  1. And she's beautiful! Got it in khaki. I bought it from one of the few remaining reputable eBay dealers (one of the big Power Sellers who's recommended by lots of ladies here) and got it at a good price.

    It's gorgeous! It's got that great Kooba leather, soft as buttah and smells like heaven.

    She's sitting here on my desk. :heart:

    Now, a question. Are these lighter colors hard to maintain?
  2. CONGRATS! :biggrin: My Paige in Bourbon was shipped out today! Woo hoo! :yahoo: Now to distract myself until it comes..... (PUH-LEASE let it be soon!)

    Post pics if you get a chance! ;)
  3. Here's a picture. I'm really pleased with it. It's a great color for this current transitional season. And the bag actually looks MUCH better in person. :yahoo:

  4. Oh now that color really IS beautiful and will be great with the warmer weather coming soon.

    You may wish to spray the bag before use with a leather protectant, get a good one. That will help stop the transfer of say...jeans onto your new bag.

  5. Oh that is gorgeous!!! That bag is quite a looker! It will be fab for Spring :yes:
  6. congratulations! i saw that bag online and thought it was striking, i'm glad to hear you say it's even more beautiful IRL. =)
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats! great color for spring!
  9. What a nice bag--I love the color. Congratulations! I can almost feel the leather.
  10. My Paige is one of my favorite bags. Hope you enjoy yours half as much!!! ;)
  11. Beautiful purse! May I ask which eBay buyer you bought it from? I am falling in love with Kooba, just learned about them yesterday since joining this forum! However they are so pricey, I'd like to look for one I like and at a good deal...:smile:
  12. It's a beauty and I'm sure that you will enjoy it! Congratulations!
  13. congrats on the new bag!
  14. Your bag is Gorgeous! Congrats. Is the leather as soft as it looks?
  15. GORGEOUS bag, congrats! The only thing I have heard about the lighter Koobas is that they can take on darker colors as stains, so watch that.