1. Hey everyone!

    I posted a thread yesterday, asking your opinions about Kooba Ginger and Kooba Marcelle. Most people liked Ginger more but I decided to go with Marcelle.

    First of all, it seemed more "fun" in person and the leather was a LOT softer (second pic shows the leather)! I loved it! Plus, the braid detailing on Ginger was bothering me for some reason (maybe it was too "westernly-looking" for my taste?). Also, Marcelle was on sale ($300 less than Ginger!!!!!) and Ginger wasn't. Don't get me wrong though! I love both bags and if I could get both, I definitely would!!!!

    What I was looking for was a good every day bag that I could take anywhere with me and not worry about it getting scratched, rained on, etc. Also, I just found out that the dress code at my new job is very casual, so I can use Marcelle as a work bag as well!

    So, below are the pics! Thank you to everyone who shared their opinion in my previous thread!

    marcelle1.1.JPG marcelle2.1.JPG marcelle3.1.JPG marcelle4.1.JPG marcelle5.1.JPG
  2. great bag, looks fab on you!
  3. :P I voted MARCELLE in ur poll :P

    Congrats & enjoy!
  4. Thank you Swankymama and GerGirl!
  5. Nice bag! It looks roomy and soft :love:
  6. looks good, it'll hold lots of stuff..
    good luck on your new job... the first week is always the most hectic :smile:
  7. Congrats! It looks like a great everyday bag, and you look fabulous with it!
  8. cute congrats!
  9. That's a GREAT bag! I'm really lovin' Kooba these days too.
  10. Thank you!
  11. Love the Black Bag...maybe more than my Cognac. But I have an Ada in Black so that'll do.
    You are gonna love this bag. It is so roomy and I get alot of compliments when I use it.
    (It's great to sneak in candy to the movie theater too! LOL)
  12. It does look cute on you! I am glad you went with your own instinct!
  13. very urban, rocker, casual chick! it looks great on you! enjoy!:yahoo:
  14. Love it! Congrats!
  15. I love that bag on you! This is my favorite Kooba shape.