My New Kooba Jillian!!!

  1. My new Kooba Jillian, Bourbon!!!!!! I'm so excited, love this bag!




  2. Congratulations are in order! Beautiful bag! It looks to be the perfect size and with that Bourbon pebbled leather it should hold up to alot of use. The Jillian seems to be a real favorite on TPF and I can see why. Enjoy!
  3. Very nice! Very good pictures, too. You can really see the texture of the leather. Is it soft?
  4. Congrats Lyn. You are going to love it. You got one with a really nice distressing pattern too. Enjoy that new Kooba!
  5. yeah its soft! it smells fabulous!!!!!!!! thanks gals! i'm going to wear the crap outta this bag, haha :smile:
  6. Oh she's breathtaking!!! I love it very much - congratulations she's beautiful! :tup:
  7. Just beautiful! I adore that bourbon color and it really suits Jillian. :tup:
  8. Gorgeous colour, Lyn, congratulations!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats Lynz! The Jillian is a great choice!
  10. And very sought after! Lucky girl! Congrats! :yes:
  11. THANX ladies!!!
  12. congrats! I am sure you will love it! Bourbon is an awesome color! By the way, you picture icon is SOOOO CUUUTTTEE!!!
  13. I can never see enough pictures of the Jillian in bourbon, it really is a fabulous looking bag.
  14. thanks! the picture is my dog sam, hes a mini weiner, haha
  15. I have the same bag, Lyn, and love it tremendously. She looks fabulous with blue jeans.