My New Kooba Ada (I'm in LOve)

  1. Just arrived this morning. I went on a bit of a spending spree (4 bags in 2 weeks) and this was the first to arrive. I am now debating on the Paige. Waiting to get some pics from the Reputable Ebay seller I deal with. I got the Ada for 545 and free shipping so I am happy. There's a few Ada's on Ebay for less but I don't know the sellers.
    The flash is making the bag a little shiner that it really is. I LOVE it. I hope to see some Paiges if any of you have ordered them.

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  2. Veerrrrry nice! Congrats. What else did you purchase? :smile:
  3. Nice!
  4. Congratulations, Lexie2000! The bag looks gorgeous! I, too, have been eyeing this bag but haven't made the plunge yet.
  5. I love it!!!!:smile:
  6. Love the studs! Great bag
  7. Nice bag:smile:
  8. It's very cute, congrats!
  9. its s:huh::huh: nice! congraaaaaats :flowers:
    all this Kooba talk is making me jumb back and forth between Kooba's site and PF!! Mercy girls!! :blink:
  10. Well, go look at the Paige pics posted on the Kooba thread. You'll really be jumping! What a beauty! But I am so Kooba biased. I just adore Kooba leather.

    Someone asked what else I bought. I ordered a Botkier Bianca in Dusty gold but just switched my order to a black one since someone mentioned in one thread that the gold wears off. Haven't Gotten it yet. Expecting the Gold Metallic IF bag from Saks in a few days. Got my Kooba Ada today and also my Betsey Johnson Buckle Up bag. I am impressed by this purse. Very nice soft leather. Cute everyday bag with Jeans. Very nice feel to it. I got it cheap on Ebay too for like 143.00. Here's some pics.

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  11. The Ada is GORGEOUS! This is such a cute bag for jeans and a sweater...practical and a bit punk at the same time! Where did you find it on sale? I want one! I am between this and the Paige, too! I hope you will post pics of the bag is SO cute!!! Congrats!
  12. I Am Really Liking Kooba, Yours Is Beautiful!! I May Invest In One Next Year.
  13. Very nice. I think I will make my Kooba purchases later this year.
  14. Saw the Ada at Saks a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful! I've thought about getting one for myself.
  15. I have a trusted Ebay seller that I have bought 4-5 bags from. She was pre-ordering her Paiges so I asked her if she could get me the Ada. It came to me still wrapped from the company. She gave it to me for 545 (100 off). The other Kooba ebay seller I have bought from has her own boutique and buys straight from Kooba. I won't buy a Kooba from anyone else on ebay except for these sellers. Their high positive FB (over 2000) and their reputation are all I had to go on when I first bought. I lucked out and found a couple of good sellers. Most Koobas are fake on ebay now and it's hard to tell even from pics. I know better than to think I can get a Kooba for 200 bucks, so that ruled out 99% of the auctions and I was lucky to find a few needles in the haystack with these sellers.