My new Koala agenda : I am tickled pink

  1. I bought this beauty last night, kind of on impulse, but I just fell in :heart: with it! Like all of my LV pieces, it just feels so nice in my hand. I have tried using electronic PDAs twice and each time I keep coming back to paper and pen, even though I work with computers for a living...

    They only had one left at the SF store, and it had the pink interior, so I had to go for it. It's my very first traditional monogram piece. I wish the calendar and filler hadn't been so pricy; I think from now on I will be filling it with the $16 packets of plain lined paper.

    Check it out!!




    I love the little stickers.
  2. That is gorgeous, congrats!!
  3. Aww.. it's too cute ! I'm so jealous of all your koala pieces ! :P
  4. Very Cute! Congrats!
  5. oooh, love the stickers... does it include on the agenda?
  6. Very nice. Out of curiosity. How much was it?
  7. What a great piece! I love the pink interior, congrats!!!
  8. It was $350 (Here's a link to the page on eluxury) and the stickers are included with the filler pages, which are sold separately.

    Even though I only have three LV items, I love them so much I think I might be satisfied for now. I hope so, anyway, I need money for vacation in August!
  9. its really pretty. I just adore the pink interior.
  10. Im in LOVE. Its georgeous. Congrats!
  11. What a beautiful piece. I hadn't seen that before. Love the stickers, it's the kid in me :yes: I adore technology and gadgets but love paper and pen, fine stationery and the like. You took great photos!!
  12. jane, i have the same problem with u too, i bought a pda and was loving it, but then decided i'm more confortable with pen and notes... i like to draw too, so it's a plus point. then i bough my panda organizer, and never touched my pda since.. oh, i really need to sell it before my bf screamed that i bought something i never use LOL
  13. That is a lovely agenda! The pink interior is gorgeous! :heart: Congratulations!
  14. I love the koala agenda! The pink interior is just too cute!


  15. oh it's adorable with the pink interior! it's a good buy...
    i personally like the traditional organizer too... it's just more personal! :yes: