My new kitty!

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  1. I adopted a new kitten from SJ animal shelter on saturday :yahoo: I'm so excited and proud to be her new mommy that I had to share with everybody!! :P She's two months old and her name is Tiger. She adapted to her new living environment immediately and follows me around my apartment. She is the most loveable kitten ever! So.... here she is!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. aw shes so cute!!! congrats! they grow up quick, enjoy her!!
  3. She's adorable!
  4. Oh my, she is SO CUTE!!!!!! Enjoy her, she looks a like a sweetie!:love:
  5. She is beautiful!! And you are a wonderful kitty-mommy to rescue her from a shelter and give her a loving home. Congratulations!
  6. ^ITA!!!

    SUCH a great move!!! Shelter animals are AWESOME:smile:
  7. She's so fuzzy and cute ! Also, she already is proudly wearing her Meowmies' pink collar and tag :yes:
  8. awww...fuzzy and furry kitties are the best!!!

    your kitty is very pur-ty! and is it just me or does it look like she has a white belly?

    that would be so adorable! hehe.
  9. Aw! She is such a cutie! Congratulations!
  10. What beautiful eyes she has, soooooooooo pretty.

    Brilliant that you got her from an animal shelter
  11. Congratulations! She has a very nice, proud mommy! You did a wonderful thing adopting her from the shelter and giving her a loving home!

    She's adorable!
  12. She is sooo adorable. Congrats. =)
  13. She is so cute.
  14. awwwww so cute!!!
  15. So cute!!