My new Keyfobs

Aug 14, 2006
Hello all, I know many have seen these being revealed, but I wanted to share how they look on my purse. Recent purchases within the past month.

I pre-orded the mermaid and been enjoying her on my Lilac Sabrina, which was my first Coach Purse in 2008 that started my coach collection :biggrin:
For the longest time, I didn't use any keyfob / charm on it. I felt it had enough on it's own. When I read on here that this was coming out, I was excited, I always loved mermaids. Here it is on my purse.

First picture, is a purse I bought in November 2010, my Dotted Opt Art Silver Sophia, the smaller size. I bought butterfly keyfob by trying it on in the store and it didn't come off :lol: (well I asked for a brand new one) and made the purchase a month ago.

I really enjoy my purses especially when I find just the right keyfob for them.


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Feb 8, 2009
We are twins on the butterfly....I really the mermaid too....I didn't like it in sketches or in pics I have seen but it is one of those that is so much cuter in real life, I think I will pick one up too!