My New Kelly

  1. My Kelly is finally here. I am so excited. It is a 32 Gold Togo Souple with Palladium hardware. I love love love the color but the pictures really do not do it justice. It took me forever to decide between souple and rigid but I think the souple will fit my lifestyle a little better (not as formal). I do not have a digital camera so I had to go and get a one time use to take pictures. When I tried to attach the pictures they were huge so now I am just adding the photobucket link. P.S., I am sorry the bed is such a mess, I couldn't figure out how to crop the pictures.

    This picture is of my complete Hermes family. (Again, please excuse the mess)
  2. Well I will be the first to offer you a hearty congratulations on your new bag! It is beautiful!

    Let's break out the champagne and celebrate!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Beautiful bag and I loooove your H-family. You have some gorgeous scarves!!

  5. Congrats ! And that's quite the scarf collection, it's gorgeous ! :biggrin:
  6. congratulations on your new bag, its absolutely gorgoeus!
  7. The bag is beautiful!!! The gold is a color that has looked darker to me, but your color is great...enjoy! Nice scarves and collection also..
  8. Very nice way to shoot a photo to include the scarves. I just took mine today and all you can tell is that I have a lot...I may have to schedule another photo shoot-LOL
  9. I love the colors. Do you buy all the scarves at the Hermes store?
  10. Congrats!!! *clink*
  11. Congratulations! Your kelly is beautiful!!! As is your entire collection!!! Thank you for posting pics, I really love the gold souple!!! *DROOL*
  12. So beautiful! Gold is a great color and I love with with Palladium HW!
    Clink, clink!

    The scarves are really special, too!
  13. Gorgeous color! It is absolutely beautiful. I love all of your scarves, too :biggrin: Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! Gold is such a versatile color and you will get a lot of use from this bag.

    Champagne toast for you!
  15. Very gorgeous bag!!