My new kelly is....

  1. My new kelly it's a chocolate Kelly 32 sellier chamonix PH.

    I was shopping yesterday but didn't really feel like going to Hermes.

    Than I had the feeling I had to go ;) and there was a chocolate kelly 35 sellier chamonix palladiun harware. I told my sa that 35 was too big for me, so she went in the back and come out with the same exact kelly in a 32!:yahoo:

    I will post pictures soon, meanwhile I ask you experts ladies:

    Is chamonix more expensive than most of the other leathers? This purse was 4950 euros (7200$) much more than I remembered a kelly 32 is! Or is sellier more expensive than retourne?

    Is chamonix going to develop a patina like box? Will it be this rigid forever or will it become more sluch?
  2. Congratulations :yahoo:

    Your Sellier will remain upright for years/decades to come & never lose its shape. The prices have gone up about 12% (different markups on different items) every year....
  3. Congrats!!! Sellier is more expensive than Rotourne. And I know Box is one of the more (if not most) expensive of non-exotic leather. Chamonix is very similar to Box except its matte. So it possibly could be more expensive than say Togo/Clemence.
  4. Oh you lucky gal! Chamonix is so rare these days. And I really do adore chocolate. If you ever get sick of that bag, give me a holler!
  5. CONGRATS Costa!!!!:yahoo: I payed, for a 35 BOX retourné Kelly, last November, 4280 euros (you know where!) so your's seems quite a bit more!! I'm glad to see you back, by the way!!
  6. Congratulations!!! I heard too, that Chamonix is hard to get, you are very lucky!!
    A few months ago I saw your exact bag, only in Rouge H. I thought it was just so beautiful!!! Chocolate sounds divine. Can't wait to see pics.
  7. This is what my SA told me. Chamonix is hard to get... But this can't justify so much difference...
  8. MaiTai, Rouge H Chamonix is divine! Would kill for one in 28cm (esp with white contrast stitching). :p
  9. Hi Duna! I'm glad you got your box Kelly!!
  10. Thanks my dear! My price was last year's, and maybe Chamonix is more expensive than Box??? I really have no idea, but I still have the store receipt of my Kelly, so I can't have got it wrong!
  11. Still I don't have a box Hermes....
    I dought chamonix costs more than box.
    I thought box would only come sellier....
    Do you think Chamonix will develop the patina?
  12. A 32 Kelly sellier in Epsom was 4450 last year.
    The price hike would add another 250 Euros or so?
    Mind you, these are french prices, which I heard are slightly lower than elsewhere.
    The remaining price difference must be due to Chamonix being more expensive than other leathers.
    Worth every penny though. I would kill for one with you, mspiggy!
  13. Thank you MaiThi.
    So it must be the sellier to be more expensive....
  14. Sellier is def more expensive than retourné...I don't know the price for Chamonix...
    But yesterday at FSH a Kelly Sellier 32cm was 4900€ in Box
  15. Thank you fromparis!

    I think chamonix and box are more or less the same.

    Please.....what color was the 32 in box you saw yesterday? At what time? I'm planning a Week end in Paris next week and i dicn't think to find kelly or birkin in box...:heart: