My NEW Kelly.....I'm in LOVE!!!!

  1. Hello all,
    Well I've had a great day and would like to share with you! First of all, I had a client lunch meeting that went EXTRAORDINARILY well - I just started a new consulting business (after 20 years in the corporate grind working for a major corporation), and well, if I get this gig, suffice it to say that my little consulting biz will be associated with a MAJOR multinational company! It'll really put my company on the map, so to speak! I'm soooo excited :yes:

    And if that's not enough - I received my NEW shooting star Kelly today and she is GORGEOUS! So much prettier in my hands than in any of the photos I had seen!!! I can't wait to take her out for a spin!!!

    Here's a few pics that I shot in haste, so they're not the best but at least you can see her!!! Enjoy and um, I'm on top o' the world right now!!!

    ebay1222.jpg ebay 126.jpg ebay 127.jpg ebay 128.jpg ebay 124.jpg
  2. Lovely!!
    Congrats! Congrats! and Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congratulations on your bag and best of luck to your business.
  4. Congratulations, NM! I hope the new bag brings you luck. As they say, see a shooting star and make a wish!!!!:flowers:
  5. Congratulations Lisa! On both the bag and your new business.
  6. I love that bag - congrats!
  7. Your Kelly is gorgeous!! So glad she went to a lovely PFer!!! Congratulations :party:
  8. Congratulations on such a wonderful day Lisa, and may this be only the beginning of a very successful new chapter for you!

    And of course, that Kelly is outstanding! I love it!
  9. Congratulations! Wear it in good health! Best of luck to you!
  10. Congratulations!! She is definitely a beauty!:love:
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!! I :heart: this bag! :drool:

    The contrast white stitching is my favorite.......
  12. BBeeaaauuuuttttiifffuulll!! :nuts:
  13. Congratulations on you success and this beautiful treat!:yes:
  14. N- Congrats, she's unbelievably GORGEOUS! But most of all, sending you a huge pat on the back for the job news. *crossing my fingers for you*
  15. Congratulations on your beauuuuutiful new Kelly!!! And congrats on starting up your own company...that is fantastic!!