My new Kelly arrived!

  1. The FedEx man arrived bright and early with my new treasure! And, I am thrilled with this purchase! She's gorgeous! The new cash/silk scarf is still on the way as is a new wallet...hopefully it won't be too long before they arrive! OK, so...without further ado...Miss Kelly (in Black Box w/PHW 32cm)

  2. ^ STUNNING!!!! Oh how I love black box!
  3. Gorgeous!!!congrats:yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. a classic beauty! so gorgeous!!!
  5. Oh so stunning! Very classic! Love it in palladium h/w. Congrats!
  6. What an absolutely gorgeous and classic bag! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats to you!
  8. Just to let you know...there is nothing better than black box!!!

    The ultimate and I love your Kelly. Enjoy it!!!
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations! She is just gorgeous!!!!! :yes:
  11. It's raining cats and dogs in NYC, and raining Kellys and Birkins on TPF!!!! Another congratulations!!!!
  12. Congrats!!! She's gorgeous! So elegant and timeless.
  13. Wow! Congratulations! Ooooooh now I want a kelly exactly like yours!
  14. What a beauty!! So elegant. :girlsigh: I hope you enjoy wearing it.
  15. holy moly, i had no idea there was a kelly on the way like that. i would have been checking tpf a lot more today if i had known.
    wow wow just so beautiful.
    enjoy enjoy - thank you for posting.
    such a stunning bag.
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