My new Keepall is on it's way - should I...

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  1. get the luggage tag heat stamped? I am afraid of two things, (1) they will do it wrong and then what? and (2) what if I ever want to sell it?

  2. Do it! I got my neverfull heatstamped! It's so much fun! And if they mess it up or you want to sell it: it's just the luggage tag. You can buy new ones I think.
  3. totally get it done. If you sell, just list it w/o the luggage tag.
  4. I would get it done.
  5. If they mess it up, make them do it again. (Not to make you nervous or anything) but I had my tag on my deauville stamped and it was not centered and the brass was messed up too, and I made them make me another one. It really is a cool way to personalize your bag.
  6. I would. If you decide to sell it, you can have the buyer get a new one at the store if they want.
  7. get it done..if u'd like to sell it, sell it without the tag,keep the tag for another bag! or purchase a new one for ~$30 and include it with your sale!
  8. Yeah I agree with everyone else, espicially as its on a detachable part then the buyer could just replace it seperatley. :smile: I'd get it done.
  9. Great suggestions! So if LV messes up the stamping they will redo it if you (ever so nicely ) ask?:smile:
  10. Yes, the Tampa LV sent my tag from the deauville to another store for heat stamping and when it came back it was two initials with a big space in between and not centered, it looked stupid. Then I noticed the brass was all scratched up and I was not happy with it - the manager agreed that it looked funny and sent out a new one to try it again. It came back fine.
  11. :tup: ITA
  12. Congratulations!!! What size did you get?
  13. I got the 55 with strap, I would have loved the 60 for the space but never would want to check it!
  14. Yes!!! Get it stamped! and congrats on getting the keepall!