My New Keepall 50 *Pics*

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Looks Great~ That is on my list for the future:flowers:
  3. Love it! I always wanted one. Congrats!
  4. sorry to ask what might be a stupid question......but why are the LV's upside down?
  5. Congratulations!
  6. I believe it's because that's the way it's made. I know the speedy's are like that, and so I assume the Keepall is too. It's because they use one whole sheet of canvas when making the bag, so it folds over, meaning one side the LV is upright, the other side it it upside down.
  7. Exactly ;)

    Congrats! Great snap! Love the whole family!
  8. it's beautiful. now you could travel in fashion!
  9. Speedies are made with one piece of canvas, as a result, one side of the Speedy's LV are upside down.
  10. Nice I love how you have all the essentials:yes:
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!!
  12. I love your new bag! Nice addition to your collection. Enjoy!
  13. love it! Congrats!!!:smile: