My new Kate Spade

  1. I know a lot of people don't like Kate Spade on the forum, but I do find myself loving some of the more unique looking bags in her collection every season.

    I just purchased this last night:


    I don't normally like logos (the only other logo bag I have is a LV Speedy in the Damier print), but I like the modish look of this bag. It goes perfectly with this red MJ coat that I have.

    What do you guys think? The bag is definitely a "bargain" in comparison to some of the bags in my collection, priced at $275.
  2. I like Kate Spade and I think this is a great bag. I can imagine it going very well with the a red coat! Great purchase: a durable, reasonably priced bag you won't have to fret over.
  3. I love the Noel print! Great choice, it's a cute bag!
  4. OOO No, I love Kate Spade and I think that's a great unusual bag!
  5. very cute.
  6. Suli, I think your bag is very cute and stylish! I love the colors! It's very different from what she usually has, is it not?
  7. I like's cute!
  8. I LOOOVE your bag.

    I like Kate Spade too but a lot of her stuff is a little plain for my taste so I don't own any. Your bag is different and it will look great your red coat.

    I'm going to have to take a second look at the new collection...
  9. Thanks for the nice compliments! The "noel" print is very cute! And, the tote is extremely light - a huge plus!
  10. Suli, that's a great bag. There are quite a few Kate Spade bags that I love. My daughter loves anything Kate Spade.

    Congrats on your new beauty!
  11. Congratulations on your new bag!
    We see very little Kate Spade here, but I like some of her styles, and even have one of her books.
  12. love it! and its a great price!
  13. my DH and i saw that bag at the boutique over the weekend, and HE was the one telling me he really liked it! you did good :smile:
  14. That's so cute! And I bet it'll hold everything.
  15. I like that bag a lot too. I like the same design in the hobo as well. Congrats!!!