My new Jumbo Classic Flap

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    Since my DH is snoring away I decided to post my new Jumbo Classic Flap. I debated for about 30 minutes between this color and a very pretty blue color.:confused1: My little diva liked the blue but I really wanted a BIG bag that was classy but still said HELLO! I'm dying to carry it!:yahoo:
  2. wow, that blue is beautiful. congrats!!!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks, actually it's grey. I think I may have said that wrong my little one liked the blue but it was the medium one and I liked the grey which is the larger of the two. So I decided to go with the grey one.
  4. Wow! Its stunning! I've never seen this color before. Is it a new color for this season? Do model for us!
  5. caviar looks so good in that color!!!

    love it! congrats!
  6. It looks gorgeous with the silver chain!!
  7. Your gray caviar classic is gorgeous! It is also edgier looking in he jumbo size and with the silver hardware. Lovely choice! Congratulations!
  8. look like bluey grey to me...sorry but still a beautiful colour.
  9. wow amazing bag and colour!!!!!!! hmmmmm might have to get me one!!! Its in lambskin?? Do u know if it comes in caviar??
  10. I think the one aprild posted is in caviar
  11. Very nice. I love jumbo flaps! Enjoy.
  12. Congrats! Beautiful color!
  13. Gooorgeous bag .... congarts

  14. I absolutely love this!! Great choice!! :love:
  15. Wow, I love the gray with the silver chain, its my favorite combination. Enjoy your new bag, its is TDF.