My New Jumbo Caviar Dark Brown Classic Flap *Pics*

  1. I :heart: :love: this baby so much! Another super comfy shoulder bag and it holds more than my Luxury Flap!! The color is a true milk chocolate brown versus dark brown almost black. It reminds me of a Hershey's Kiss. The silver hardware is perfect for my casual lifestyle. And the hefty chain straps are so cool! Those suckers are thick but don't weigh down the bag.
    JumboFlap1.JPG JumboFlapShoulder2.jpg JumboFlapSit.JPG
  2. Dang that's gorgeous, woman!! What a beautiful, beautiful bag! Where can I find me one of those.... hehehe
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. That is one gorgeous bag! It looks fabulous on you! Congrats!
  5. GAH, that is gorgeous! I love it - congrats
  6. OMG :party: :party: Breathtaking. Good choice Roey, I don't think you will be getting sick of that beauty! thanks for the pics and excuse me while I drool for a bit!
  7. That is beautiful Roey. Congratulations. I love the Jumbe size too. I have the Med. & you can get very little in it. It looks perfect. :yahoo:
  8. I Love It!!
  9. So gorgeous! congrats Roey!
  10. LOVE IT!!!! I saw this at Saks a few months ago and it is at the top of my caviar wish list.
  11. Love the color, congrats:yahoo:
  12. Its so lovely Roey! Congrads :smile:

    I tried on the jumbo today too and I love it. (maybe nxt month for me) hehe but your dark brown is perfect for you looks superbbbb
  13. ITA - it looks gorgeous! Glad you went with the flap rather than the other one.
  14. OMG, looks so great. i love it!!!!
  15. Roey, the bag is a beauty... I think my next bag will have to be brown.