My new Juicy Couture Suit just arrived...

  1. ... and I really love it! I ordered it for the flight back to Australia and it's so comfy- I can only recommend it!:yes:
  2. Gorgeous! I love my juicy too. I am wearing my pink juicy robe right now! You will be cozy and wearing the perfect thing for a long flight! Have fun.
  3. Juicy tracksuits are a godsend for long flights!
  4. very nice :smile:
  5. Yip totally agree - they are the only way to travel long distance!

    I love mine
  6. incidentally it looks great on you - fab colour
  7. Wow, it looks great. I will have to get one for winter. They have started to sell them at Myer, here in OZ.
  8. Thanks, ladies!:yes: Can't wait for the flight now!;)

    ^^That's great news-now I am looking forward to moving there even more:smile:
  9. I fly in Juicy and Uggs-gotta be comfy! Nothing better!

  10. ^^That's exactly what I do!:yes:
  11. congrats on new suit. aren't juicy suits the best:love:
  12. The color looks great on you
  13. It looks cute on!
  14. Looks gorgeous on you, congrats! will be so comfy for flight, safe journey :smile:
  15. Very pretty color! It looks good on you.