My new Juicy Couture charm bracelet and heart earrings!!

  1. Today I went to the Galleria Houston. I've always liked the Juicy Couture starter charm bracelet.. So I got that and some cute heart earrings.

    Sorry, I can't take pictures AT ALL.. :crybaby:

    I also went to Tiffany's and ordered a chain for my necklace that broke.. So when it arrives at the store, i'll post pictures of the necklace and my collection!
    JuicyCouture1.jpg JuicyCouture2.jpg JuicyCouture3.jpg
  2. nice jewelry, love juicy
  3. thanks.
  4. Ooo I love Juicy, I have the starter bracelet too with 2 charms.
  5. I want the megaphone charm!!
  6. how cute
  7. Cute!
  8. lovesss it
  9. I really like those earrings. Very simple and pretty. :smile:
  10. Congrats! I finally wore my bracelet today and I LOVE it!! The earrings are cute too! I love Juicy jewelry!
  11. Very cute ! Congrats!
  12. really cute, congrats.
  13. thanks!!
    sometimes I think it's a little heavy, but i'll get over it.
  14. Cute items!
  15. They are pretty.
    Pls feel free to view & post yr great jewerly collection in here:
    Jewelry Box in Action!!