My new juicy bracelent

  1. way cutee!!! :nuts:
  2. That's wonderful! Juicy jewelry is SO fun.
  3. Oh wow...that's a very cute bracelet.
  4. very cute;)
  5. I like it!!
  6. There's a lot of jewelry with the hearts and the locks this year. Like that idea, glad they've brought it back.
  7. Adorable! :smile:
  8. Gorgeous
  9. Very cute! love the details!
  10. So cute! and very reasonably priced! Great buy!:yes:
  11. ERGH!!! i just saw that yesterday and it's been the last thing i thought of before i slept and the first thing i thought of when i woke up...!!! :nuts: how is it?!?!?! :drool:
    i've got the starter charm gold bracelet a lot time ago... and that didin't work out coz it was too chunky and besides hurting myself everytime my hand went near my face, it made so much noise clunking around.... :cursing:
  12. I like it! I like the leather band with the charm combo. Very cute!
  13. Yeah, I didn't like the starter charm bracelet or the charms either. They were wayyy to heavy, clunky, and just big! It was really annoying to even try to wear.:s
  14. Ooh i like it a lot! congrats!
    I really cute and simple! good choice
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