My new JPG & Me...

  1. In the debut thread I promised modeling pics, even though I make :nuts:HORRIBLE:nuts: pictures, I try to stay as far away as possible from the camera!!!!!
    So as promised~~~~
    JPGmodeling2.jpg jpgmodeling (3).jpg
  2. You are both GORGEOUS together, PennyD!
  3. Beautiful, congratulations!
  4. Beautiful!!! I love the way this bag look on you, what a pretty bag !!!!
  5. Just gorgeous! Congratulations!
  6. Penny! you look gorgeous and you carry the JPG well!
  7. Nothing like a bit of delicious coffee to get the blood running huh? Absolutely gorgeous bag, you do each other justice!
  8. Great pic to wake up to! Well done Penny! You look great with your JPG.
  9. Thanks ladies!!! I was so ashamed to post pics of myself when all the other ladies on here are so nice and slim and FAB looking! I had the misfortune of running head on into the mid 40's hormone imbalance stage of life. And with that collision came EXTRA EXTRA weight that I did not have before. Dr. says don't worry you will be through this by the time you are 51 or 52 then you will feel yourself again ---right --- men -- clueless:rolleyes:
  10. Penny dear, it's all about attitude. IMHO, you look great with JPG and your fab personality!
  11. Penny you look beautiful !!! really.
  12. look great!!! i don't know what the frig you're talkin about, putting yourself down...are adorable! and you got the bag already....omg, she is gorgeous. how did you get her so quick??
  13. Thanks LTC, you are a sweetheart:heart:

  14. Thanks HK!!! You are very sweet to say that! I have a lot to work on -- with gals like you posting those gorgeous pics!
  15. Penny you look fab! Sigh, I love the JPG!