My New Jimmy is here!

  1. Finally. After two stressful days of DHL trying to deliver my new Jimmy to the wrong address :wlae: , I went and picked it up from them. Go figure, it makes it all the way here from London and gets lost in the suburbs of Chicago. But my new burgundy biker leather Ramona is sitting next to me, purring like one of my kitties. This is the most gorgeous bag I have ever owned, -- and I even have the matching wallet! We need a Jimmy Choo forum here! Others know how I am feeling as I stare at my new addition. :yahoo: I just realized that Jimmy Choo has opened a boutique in Chicago! uh-oh....
  2. Congratulations - glad it's safe at home with you!!!
  3. Aaah, congrats!
    Plz post pix if possible!
  4. Congratulations and use it well!
  5. Congratulations! Definitely ditto the picture request. :smile:
    I'll have to go into the JC boutique in the mall near here. I've walked by but never gone in. I still kind of want a Mahala.
  6. CONGRATS Blondecat:woohoo: I can not wait to see photos of you and your "baby cat" I bet it is Gorgeous.
    I am coming into your town for 4 days to do shopping on Michigan Ave, spa day, girlie things BUT it was all planned around the Jimmy :choochoo: Choo boutique in Chicago. I have to get to a boutique and I missed it in January when I was there:crybaby:
    We should meet up in the candy store!
    Enjoy your bag:yahoo:
  7. Congrats on the Ramona!! :yahoo: Please post pics!

    Having a nearby boutique is great. I work a block and a half from a choo boutique here in NYC ... it's dangerous territory!
  8. Wow! Congratulations.Great choice:yes: I am so happy for you:happydance: Can't wait to see the pictures.
  9. Congrats blondecat! I :heart: the Ramona. Hope you enjoy your new bag.

    To tide everyone over, here's a pic of the burgundy Ramona from Please post pics of yours! :yes:
    Ramona burgundy.jpg
  10. Droooool...:drool:
  11. Gotta loooooove Jimmy!!!!
  12. I'll try to figure out how to post pictures later:confused1: . Until then, I'm going to the Choo boutique to see what they might have in the way of matching shoes:drool: ! I'll fill you all in on this adventure later. Robynbenz, when are you planning your adventure to Choo-land? And Cosmopolitan, you are the enitre reason I even found this bag! Love you AND Jimmy SO:heart: !!!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. I LOVE Jimmy Choo bags. I have two Tulita hobos and two evening bags. I want a Ramona; I saw one in luscious black velvet at Jeffrey and I passed on it. I have never seen one since.:sad:
  15. love it, congrats!!