My New Jimmy Choo Mahala

  1. :yahoo: It took a while to finally figure out how to condense the photos for the forum, but now I'm a pro:yes:

    Anyway, here is my newest addition :heart: from Saks "Spend some Get Some" promo last week. I am sure I will find something else to use my gift cards on before the end of April :shame: :blush:

    Notice how all 3 of my "kitties" had to check it out;)
    mahala1.jpg mahala2.JPG mahala3.JPG mahala4.JPG mahala5.JPG
  2. Beautiful. The bag and your cats!
  3. I love that bag! Kitties are quite cute too. I bet they thing it's a new friend.
  4. Robyn, Congrats on the stunning bag!!:love:

    ... and welcome to the JC Mahala club! I bought the red Mahala back in January, and was really impressed with the quality of the leather and the perfect size of the bag.

    BTW, I love the pics of your cats investigating your new addition!
  5. Absolutely Stunning! Congrats! I Love Jimmy Choo! BTW Your kitties are ADORABLE!:yes:
  6. Wow, looks like your lovely cats approve, LOL, beautiful bag, congratulations!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Even the cats are in awe of the purse. That is an AWESOME bag!
    I've been wanting that same bag in red. But again - THAT BAG IS KILLER :nuts:
  8. Thank you, Stinam. I really wanted the red or the bright blue Mahala (python would have been the ultimate), but because of the Saks promo, black looked really nice.:shame: I just love Jimmy Choo bags, but the wallet going inside the bag seems to be shrinking.:crybaby:
  9. Thanks PurseManic, I too really wanted the Red Mahala, but Saks did not have it on their web site.:crybaby: Additionally, I just purchased a Bordeaux Riki in January, so too many "Reds" might not be the best for my limited collection. Love your "wish list":yes:
  10. Thanks you all for the posts. Yes, as you can see Tigger, Sammie & Spike MUST check out every bag. They would have tried to get inside, but I left the tissue paper inside while I took the photos to keep them from having room to climb in.:sneaky:
  11. Hi robyn! Congrats on your new bag, it's beautiful and the leather looks so luscious!! And your furbabies are absolutely adorable :heart:
  12. Congrats Robyn! I just love the Mahala. :love: I've been dying to get a black one (to go with my bordeaux patent Ramona) for the longest time. Yours is stunning. The leather looks fabulous; so shiny and lush. Enjoy!!! :yes:
  13. Congrats :biggrin: she's a beauty! and so are your cats ^^
  14. Robyn,

    I love that wish list too but the only problem is that just about every one of them is a little out there in price. I'm gonna find a way to get at least two of them by the end of this year. I love handbags. You all help fuel my addiction :smile: if you get anything new, please post it.
  15. Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I love Jimmy Choo bags...they're always so hot!!