My new Jet Setter Jr.

  1. I just ordered this Jet Setter Jr. from Luna Boston. It looks like an icy blue. It was on sale for $250, and I got 20 percent off with the code "grechen." So it was $200 plus shipping. What do y'all think?

  2. I like it! Is the leather lightweight like the City Tote's?
  3. I really like it. I have one in black and its a great all-purpose bag. The light blue is a terrific spring color, too! Enjoy.
  4. I have never had a Corinna bag, but I travel some and thought this would be nice. I think it should hold my computer.

    I will post pics when it arrives, but I had never seen one for $200.
  5. Very cute bag, great price, congrats!
  6. Here's the other side:

  7. Pretty!
  8. I have one in stone that I love! It's a great bag, I use it for school. I have also traveled with it, and it fit my macbook in it's protective case with plenty of room to spare. I think you got a great deal!
  9. Love it, I have my eye on one in another color, love the blue! Great price, please post pics when you get it!
  10. Gorgeous, I want one so bad!
  11. Love the blue color - so icy and shimmery looking. Thanks for the tip, I may have to look closer at this one!
  12. Thanks, all. I used to have an ice blue Balenciaga. This reminds me of that bag, only more shimmery. I'll post pics when it gets here. I was interested in slate, but couldn't pass up the $200 price tag.
  13. This might be my next purchase. I really really love my mini city.
  14. Love it!! Great price. Please post pics and reviews once you receive it!