My new Jeanne MM!

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  1. So I haven't done a reveal in forever...but today we went to SF and I came home with a Jeanne! :yahoo:

    I love how roomy the MM is and the red is so pretty! :love: Also pictured is the Hermes Twilly I picked up to match her.

    So excited and can't wait to take her out on the town tomorrow!

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  2. Crochetbella, she is lovely!!! Congrats on the bag and the gorgeous twilly!! Thanks for sharing your joy with us!
  3. the goyard red
    SF goyard is great....purchased my St Louis there in Feb
    will be back in the city on the 30th when I will be taking my bag
    out for a little shopping as well!!!!
  4. gorgeous! my dream Goyard bag

    if you could, mod pics pretty please! :flowers:
  5. It's beautiful!!! congrats & enjoy!
  6. modeling shot maybe cb?? How are you??! Lovely bag...
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Congrats - love that bright red colour and the twilly looks sweet on the bag!
  9. i;ve been lusting over the Jeanne bag.... thinking of getting a GM.. so i see that MM is very roomy anyway.... anyway, back to your bag... its gorgeous!!! Congrats on your purchase.!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Thank you all so much! :yahoo:

    Shoes, hi!!! :heart:

    Here is a not so good modelling pic. :lol: I'm 5'7 for size reference.

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  12. Love it! Thanks for the pic - great to "see" you again!!
  13. congratulations! the red is gorgy...
  14. lol your pooch is too cute. love the bag too!
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!