My new JCrew dress!

  1. I took a stroll through J.Crew today after work, and fell in love with this dress:


    I can't wait to wear it! Just wanted to share, especially since I've been in a funk lately. The print just puts a smile on my face.
  2. So cute SuLi!!! I love it with those red shoes too!!!
  3. I wear a dress everyday...LOVE them...and I LOVE this!! :smile:
  4. where is the dresss? i can't see it...
  5. ok i see it now, that is really cute. they have cute sandal wedges too!
  6. That's SO cute!! LOVE it w/ the red sandals!
  7. So cute!!!! :love:
  8. I saw this dress in a magazine and I've been waiting for it to come up on the website!!! YAY!
  9. I LOVE it!! Now I think I want it too...this forum will bankrupt me, lol.
  10. How cute! Does it come in any other colors?
  11. Great Dress! I definitely like that style a lot! That color is great too! Congrats!
  12. Very good dress - I love summer dresses.
  13. Sooo cute!
  14. ADORABLE!!!! I might want to steal your idea and buy the same dress!!! I have my cousins graduation party to go to on sunday and it would look so cute!!
  15. so cute! you're lucky. i never get to wear any dresses. it's jeans or slacks for me every day. i work w/ mostly really dorky males so i don't wanna attract attention to myself w/ such a cute dress :smile:.