My new JC pave bow earings *pics* :)

  1. I ordered these super cute earings and got them this morning!

    Im sorry about the weird ear picture lol but I wanted to show how they look on for reference.


  2. SUPER CUTE!!! i got some that had a star and then a circle with a star cut-out but i returned them :sad: the bows are really cute though do u know what kind of metal the posts are?
  3. Hi Im not sure and it doesnt say on the website either. Im sure if you called Juicy they will know. I do have sensitive ears, but what I do it put a thin layer of clear nail polish on the posts and back part that is against my ear. Works great! (Of course I only do this with costume type jewelry not the expensive stuff).
  4. those really are cute !
  5. Cute!
  6. Those are such adorable earrings!
  7. love it! so cute
  8. cute!
  9. Oh those are so cute!
  10. So I just wanted to let everyone know I had to return them! I have a slight problem with any earings that i wear for a long time, but never anything that bothers me too much. These I wore to work and soon my ears blew up like red balloons!! Im not sure why? I wear earings from clairs before and they didnt even do that. I was lucky the store took them back, I told them that they were worn but they said they would do it this time. well if anyone can wear juicy earings they are still cute :shrugs:
  11. those are super cute :smile::love:
  12. nice.
    I am hoping to find JC anchor stud earrings.
    Any suggestions?
  13. Those are so cute! I'm a sucker for anything with bows on lol
  14. SUPER adorable!!!!!
  15. I love juicy stud earrings! They look great!