my new jaune city!

  1. I finally got around to taking pictures last night (came on thursday) so here is my gorgeous jaune city. I LOOOVE it and used it for the first time last night and got compliments within 5 minutes of being around people (some woman pulled over, stopped her car and asked me where I got my "fabulous bag") :heart: enjoy!!
    bbag 013.JPG bbag 012.jpg bbag 026.jpg jaune.JPG
  2. It is quite a beauty! I love jaune so much :heart::heart: Enjoy carrying it!
  3. And modeling pics..two of me holding it and one of my bf..
    bbag 004.jpg bbag 005.jpg jbbag.JPG
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!

    You and the bag :yes:
  5. What a rad colour! u look great with it! I think Jaune is such a fun colour :smile:
  6. i love the color, congrats! it's def a head turner.
  7. It's beautiful! If I was driving by and saw it, I'd roll down my window and comment on it, too!
  8. Thanks dukechickie, hmwe46, cherrieblossoms, fayden and MandB! I am seriously in love with this bag and took like 300 pictures of it. I think I like the city style better than the day and I'm considering selling my blueberry to fund more cities..
  9. it's beautiful!! the color is so rich :love: and it looks great on you!
  10. Woohoo, you rock the bag, girlie. Congrats
  11. LOVE the color.. it goes well with you~! The leather on it looks gorgeous!! cOngrats~! :tup:
  12. congrats!! it looks great on you! :heart::yes:
  13. :yahoo: Congrats~ Is gorgeous!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. gorgeous! the color is TDF!! love the 2nd pic of you carrying the beauty.