My New J12 Update, Returned & Got.....

  1. OK so I got the new J12 yesterday in the mail, had ordered it over the phone. I really loved it,but I knew I had to see the diamond bezel one up close. Soooo I went to my Neimans and guess what. I returned the diamond marker J12 in white and got the diamond bezel 33mm in white. OMG, it is so gorgeous. I cannot stop looking at it.I cannot believe I spent so much for a watch!! But really once u see it and put it on your wrist, u do not want to take off. I am not buying another thing :rolleyes:, really. I have a pic, but I took it with my cell phone and it is not the best. I LOVE it:heart::heart:
  2. That is equisite and you'll have it for a lifetime. Congrats!! I love it!
  3. Wow I really love that watch ... great choice!
  4. Soooooooo PRETTY! Congrats!
  5. Yeah, there is really no comparison. You made a great choice!:yahoo:
  6. I LOVE that watch! Congratulations!!
  7. Love the diamond bezel!!!!
  8. Oh so pretty! Good choice!
  9. I am happy for you. The watch is so pretty and the diamonds just give it that extra nice bling.
  10. It's gorgeous!!!
  11. Gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE that watch ... I'd love to get the less expensive version but that's a far off dream right now. :smile: Your watch is stunning!
  12. congrats, beautiful watch, with those blinding diamonds.
  13. Glad you got what you really wanted! Congrats & enjoy your J12!
  14. Congrats!! The diamond bezel is amazing!!!

    Question, do you wear your J12 tight or a bit loose?? Im thinking of taking one more link off, now it kinda slips around my wrist.
  15. beautiful watch! perfect choice and it looks made for your wrist!