My new J12! Follow up to "Pls. help me decide which size?"

  1. After weeks of waiting, I finally picked up my J12 last night! Some of you may remember my post from awhile ago...I couldn't decide between the 33mm or 38mm size! I have pretty small wrists, so I was worried about the 38mm looking too big on me and since I wanted the one with diamond bezel, I was also worried it would be too trendy and 'toy-watch' looking a couple of years from now.

    But after trying both sizes on a second time, hearing the opinions of a few different people who saw it on me including DH (whom this watch is a early b-day gift to me from :love:) and many nights of deliberation, I finally settled on the 38mm!

    The 33mm was just as gorgeous; actually even more 'elegant' than the larger size, but the 38 just looked more 'stylish & chic' on and would really seem to compliment most of my daytime outfits since I wanted it as a day-to-day watch. The fact that it was automatic was also a big factor in arriving at my decision.

    So without further ado, here are some pics I've taken so far....thanks for letting me share! Btw, what do you guys think? Do you think its too big on me??? I haven't had second thoughts yet on the size, but i would like to hear your opinions too!
    IMG_4018.jpg IMG_4002.jpg IMG_4003.jpg IMG_4006.jpg
  2. Congrats on your J12 you lucky girl! I think it looks great! Definitely a watch that will be noticed! Great pics too.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. the only reason i haven't bought a j12 yet is becuase my wrist is too small for the 38mm, if i have hte extra links removed, i would have trouble closing the snaps. so great choice on the 38mm, and i think it looks great on you, as long as you don't have trouble w/ the snaps.
  5. Lovely, CONGRATS!!
  6. Congrats! Very pretty
  7. very pretty! and your ring is very nice too! congrats!
  8. I love the J12 in the 38mm size! I don't think it's too big for your wrist. I think it looks HOT!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. it's funny that you mention this, takeoutbox. the face of the watch is about the same width as my wrist so although i have pretty small wrists, they aren't as "tiny" as some people. but even on me, they still had to take out quite a few links! my SA spent about 30mins just trying to adjust the links so it would fit my wrist as closely as possible. you can actually play around with big & small links and try out different combinations to get the best fit possible. it took us a long time because either the watch was slightly too loose or too tight! since its a chunky & heavier watch, it looks best when it doesn't slide around on your wrist!

    You should go to the boutique and get your SA to play around with the links to see if you can make the J12 work for you! I was worried for awhile that it just didn't fit me properly, but everything worked out well in the end!
  10. It looks really good on you. Great choice, i think that if you went with either one it would look great but you made a great choice and it definitely doesn't look too big on you.
  11. if i remember correctly the 38mm snaps on both sides right? where as the 33mm snaps on one side, unfortunately the two snaps combined is larger than my wrist, so if we were to remove the links i would have a hard time snapping the band, not sure if i'm explaning it correctly, but my SA really tried to make it work as i really want this watch....but, congrats! i think it looks really good.
  12. Oh it looks gorgeous on you..not too big at all, and I love your ring and your nails...good color..:p
  13. oh okay, i know what you mean now! but wow....your wrists must be 'really' tiny! how about the 33mm with one snap? would that size fit you better?
  14. The 33mm looks so great on you.... I can never pull that off. Love the pearls + ring! Congrats!
  15. the 33mm fits my wrist, but i prefer the look of the larger size and also the fact that it's automatic.