My new items!

  1. mm kay here's my new (to me) foresta zucca! I traded on LJ :yahoo:great deal. It is a little used but I :love: my spiaggia zucca and I wanted another foresta so yupp it's okay that it's used IMO! I sold my stellina to vmasterz so we're all happy now! YAY
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    both sides look the same pretty much which I like :smile:

    I'll be posting up pics of my jewelry, make-up, and toys later on when I get home... plus my new rocketeer shirt :wlae:

    I keep trying to sell to cover my expenses but I keep buying more ^_^; someone take away my bank account!
  2. oooh!! I love it!! So Jealous!!! Congratulations!!!!
  3. Oh it's precious!!! I have been sooooooooo :nuts:for a Foresta. No luck yet. Gotta find one that's cheap enough with JUST the right print.
  4. Congrats! Its cute:smile:
  5. I love it. You've got the really cute koi in the front and the monkeys all over the back. Congrats on scoring a foresta Zucca!
  6. so happy for you! i love it.
  7. Very nice and I like the nice mix of trees and water. Congrats!!!:greengrin:
  8. I love the print placement. I saw it when she posted it on LJ, but then I just got my foresta zucca.
  9. awwww its sooooo pretty!! what did u trade it for?! man i wanna trade for foresta too!! lucky deal!
  10. she traded it with her pirata zucca :biggrin:

    Tehlilone: cute zucca! im so glad you got it :biggrin: :yahoo: and i got your stellina :graucho: we can all now :party: :lol:
  11. super trade!!! :biggrin:!! i'm happy for you!
  12. awesome!!!! can't wait for pics :yes:

    foresta zucca is like :heart::heart:
  13. Cute!!! I love it...
  14. Oo:huh::huh: it's very beautiful :biggrin:
  15. aw congrats!