My new Isabella Fiore smells like plastic

  1. I ordered the Wanda frame bag from Saks (VERY pretty), so the retailer isn't the problem, but this bag smells very plastic-y/chemical-y. Why would that be?

  2. :shrugs: I don't know... but that sucks. Are you keeping it?
  3. I don't know if I want to keep it now! I know it sounds crazy, but it really is weirding me out. I expected this yummy leather scent and got toxic instead. For $700, I want yummy.
  4. You know I have had that experience lately with a few purses that I have bought online. Grant you they are not as expensive but still I don't know what is up with the toxic chemical smell? I have experienced it with both fabric and leather bags. You can try and air it out but if that doesn't work I don't know what else you can do? :shrugs: You don't want to wear the bag and get nauseated on the fumes.
  5. I bought the Whipstitch Elaina from Saks-and it smells like great leather. It truly is a gorgeous bag-even more so because I bought it on sale for $309-reg. price $735!
    It is beautiful leather. I'd send it back if it smella that bad!:yes:
  6. Ditto. You want to LOVE what you got for $700 - not carry it holding your nose! Send that crazy thing back if it stinks!
  7. ^^^Yeah, send it back. For that price you can get a bag that feels and smells yummy!
  8. The smell could be from the dye used on the leather. I know some folks complained about getting stinky Dior Gauchos when those were all the rage. Certain leather dyes just stink. If it bothers you that much, definitely return it.