My new iPhone case!

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  1. I was quite excited to open this little brown box (recently more than the tiffany blue one)! I was trying to get an iPhone case like forever, especially when it suddenly became out of stock halfway through my online transaction on last week. I had begged my brother who was flying to Manchester for business to hunt one down for me, and I said that it didnt matter if it was epi red, monogram or alligator.

    But he got me the only available in the store, Taiga! It comes with a belt clip and looks very subtle and understated. The insignia is quietly sitting at the corner The seams are very well sewn and it fits like a glove. The leather smelled rich and amazing. The belt clip was also made of taiga and somehow they embedded a spring mechanism into it.

    But being taiga, it was rather man-ly and not so pretty. And its hard to fit into my jeans pocket with the belt clip. My DH didn't want it either; he said the case cost almost as much as the phone. I m not sure if i would return it since the iphone cases are so rare. I wish they had a vernis one!



  2. very nice :tup:
  3. wowowo..:tup:.i had mine and it does not have the belt clip...:tdown:
  4. oooh la la :drool:
  5. I like it with the clip. I had a red epi, but no clip.
  6. Congrats, so nice!
  7. Congrats! I'm going to paris in 2-3 weeks and will also try to buy a iphone case, does anybody know how much the alligator one costs?
  8. to me its a lot..:crybaby: but GORGEOUS. i think i was more than $1500....
  9. very nice
  10. omg love it!! i was actually thinking about getting the case. is it easy getting the phone in and out?
  11. I love the Taiga!
  12. Love it!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. It looks nice!! I've never seen the back of the iPhone case, so thanks for posting a pic of it!!! For some reason, I thought the LV iPhone cases were flat! Congrats on your new purchase!!
  14. mine was flat...guess this si 2nd generation models..:P guess i have ot sell my 2 old ones :wlae:
  15. $1500 for Alligator:amazed: