My new ink twiggy!! <3

  1. After spending hours on the phone trying to track down an Ink bag, I finally found one this weekend! It's a beautiful twiggy from Barney's. :tender: They still had one when I left. If anyone is looking for it their phone # is 212-826-8900.
    Ok here are the pics! :love: I love how different it looks depending on the light!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Beautiful bag, you're a lucky girl
  3. Congrats!!! Beautiful!!!!!
  4. Gorgeous - I love Ink !!!! and it looks great in the Twiggy.
  5. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy. :smile:
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations, I can't believe they still had one! :smile:
  8. WOW .... GORGEOUS Audrey :nuts: - congrats to this beauty :flowers:
  9. Oh no.... i want it ... but i live in Italy...
  10. I love ink too! It's beautiful! Congratulations! =)
  11. Thanks so much everyone! :love: I can join the Ink club now! Woohoo!!:yahoo:
  12. WOW! congrats !! it looks beautifuL~
  13. congratulation..lovely color and i love the shape of twiggy. good choice.
  14. Very pretty, ink is such a great color! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful! That is a great color to wear with jeans. :yes: