My new Ink Oval Clutch...I'm so happy!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    She arrived today from Italy, thrown very unceremoniously at the foot of my apartment door -- and the shipper and I had signature required! But all's well that ends well....and here she is.

    I am deeply in love with the Oval Clutch style -- it's incredibly chic and modern. And it's stunning in Ink. I showed it to a friend who is aware of my passion for b bags and he said he thought it was the nicest one yet. This Ink is a very middle of the road blue/purple, not too much either way. The leather is very thick, smooth and matte. I think I might try a little Shine Restore just to get the surface to reflect a little more light, but I'll take her out a few times before I do.

    Here is a photo from the seller, L_B, who was wonderful, btw, and very helpful in navigating the international shipping. This photo is the Ink at its bluest -- my apartment is dark so it looks really purple here. When my Anthracity comes in, I will borrow my Mom's camera and do a full-on photo shoot, so you will see the true variance in color.

    Ink is amazing! I'm a convert!
    ink clutch.jpg
  2. delicious! congrats high!
  3. that is LOVELY!!! i think ink is a genius color! and the oval clutch is a great style! very roomy, too. congratulations on your new find! :smile:
  4. congraats high gloss your clutch is truly amazing!
  5. wow..that's stunning! i love it!
  6. Amazing! Enjoy!
  7. ^^ yay for you & your oval clutch!!! :wlae:

    p.s. i've got the same one in black & i love it
  8. I'm loving thisstyle! And the Ink is amazing!!!! Congratulations.
  9. Yayyy Girlie, good choice. :yahoo: Congrats.:party: Love the color.:heart:
  10. Gorgeous!! Ink is by far my FAVE Bal colour. Your clutch is beautiful :smile:
  11. LOVE LOVE IT! Very Chic!:flowers: Congrats!
  12. Awwwwwww very cute and classy!

  13. Congrats, love the ink and shape !
  14. Congrats, what a fun bag!
  15. Beautiful! I love ink. :love: Congrats! :yahoo: