My new INK Courier....INK vs ANTHRACITE .....(modeling pics)

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  1. Yeah!!! I finally got my INK Courier. I've been looking for the perfect carry-on bag and I've found it. It's huge and is probably too big for everyday but it will definitely get a lot of travel use. I love the color. Mine has a lot of purple undertones and is totally satisfying my need for a purple bag without being too purple. And it's dark enough that I don't have to worry about it getting dirty.:yahoo:



    Ink vs Anthracite (ink on top)


    modeling pics (worn as cross-body)



  2. oh my god! it is beautiful!! INK is definitely my favorite color of all time!! Congrats!!
  3. :yahoo:congrats on your ink! i love the purple undertone on it.
  4. congratulations on your new ink courier! looks great on you :smile:
  5. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    gorgeous, gorgeous!!! congrats!
  6. I love them both:yahoo: the courier looks awesome on you, you're so lucky:nuts:
  7. WOW I love the color of the INK in the sunshine... gorgeous :smile:
  8. congrats cracker!! you are on a spree, just like me ;)

    love the color of the ink! so rich and very purple - wherever did you find this lovely thing? it looks great on you - big, but beautiful! i have one in RV and i love it - can't wait to take it with me to Hawaii this summer :graucho:
  9. Beautiful bag, but I don't think it looks all that huge! Did you have anything in it when modeling?
  10. Gorgeous - like always.:yahoo:

    Girl you're on a roll with your BBAGS!:wlae:
  11. Yea, I've been going a little nutty lately. But I sold a few bags, so I could buy more. I found it at BalNY. I can't remember who it was that tipped me off......was it you?

    Hawaii......that's sounds awesome! Have fun!

  12. Just my usual everyday wallet, small clutch, coin purse or two, sunglasses. That's it. I don't carry that much on a reg. basis.
  13. Thanks. This is it for awhile......I know I've said that before. But seriously, I've got the rouge envelope to save for and my marigold rh city. Gotta slow down. Plus I'd still like to save for a GH WE and X-Courier. My list keeps growing.
  14. fabulous!:heart::nuts::heart:
  15. Yes congrats, cute pics too.

    I wonder... you say its a travelling bag, but would you really stuff that much in it? I'd be too afraid that it'd "stretch" the damn thing.

    I mean, you're just gonna stuff it with like, sweaters and t-shirts, right? :confused1: